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Healing yesterday's injuries and preventing tomorrow's pain


Andy worked with the source and root of the problem

Thanks be to Andy! While training for a half marathon, I injured my knee in 2010. 6 weeks after the allotted time to heal, it was still painful to run. Being in the health and wellness field, I went to specialist after specialist for 2 years. To no avail, I almost gave up. Then I found Andy. Unlike the other guys, he worked with the source and root of the problem. It took some time to get back in the swing of things, but he was the only patient and persistent person to get me back running. Now, I run pain free, and my gait and stride are faster after my injury thanks to Andy working with me so precisely. I have referred many people to him knowing I can trust his judgement, character and willingness to help those I care about get a new stride on their ailments. Andy is the go to person for treating the root of the issue! THANK YOU!

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