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Healing yesterday's injuries and preventing tomorrow's pain


Andy has a unique, wonderful and holistic approach to healing

I would highly recommend Andy Libert and his Libert Myoskeletal Massage for massage therapy and stress management. He has created a beautiful work space/studio within his home where he can teach and share with his clients various modalities of healing. Andy has a unique, wonderful and holistic approach to healing, a truly integrated approach. He has so much to offer in the way of knowledge about how the body functions anatomically, and he has a truly compassionate and caring way of motivating his client to feel more comfortable in their bodies. During his sessions, Andy teaches the importance of correct movement within the body and strength-based exercises to enhance one's mobility and flexibility. Primarily, he is an amazing massage therapist who brings a unique and specialized expertise to his client. In my sessions with Andy, he has helped to eliminate chronic pain in my feet and legs through all of the above techniques. What I would most like people to know about Andy is that he is not only a professional in every sense of the word, but a friendly, talented and very caring individual who I feel has helped me tremendously and am blessed to know.

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